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Heroes of Australia

At Heroes of Australia we respect your privacy and will do what is lawful and possible to protect your identity from being hijacked by someone other than you. Before accepting any submission for listing, Heroes of Australia will:

  • allocate you a unique reference number, and
  • require a unique answer as part of your application, both of which you will be required to confirm before your application is accepted.

For a listing at the Heroes of Australia Hall of Fame we require:

  • A valid email address
  • An Australian street address
  • A current mobile phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Basic proof of Australian identity*

In the event of a dispute:

In the event that a third party charges that another has attempted to steal their identity, Heroes of Australia will remove any web content which the third party may indicate is bogus, but only if support documentation is submitted with the claim. Furthermore, Heroes of Australia will provide whatever documentation a court of law, in any jurisdiction within the Commonwealth of Australia, may require to support an applicant in pursuing legal action against an entity who may have attempted to misuse the identity of another. The aforesaid is only relevant when read in conjunction with the terms and conditions; hence, the liability of Heroes of Australia, its owners, heirs and successors if successfully prosecuted will be limited to AUD $1.00 for any perceived infringement.

Please understand that the aforesaid requirements also protect Australian  from identity theft.  Any support documents submitted will be vetted and PERMANENTLY deleted on acceptance of the application. All other personal information that is retained will be stored off-line and not be shared for commercial purposes but may be made available against a warrant issued by a court of law or legal authority so authorised by legislation or on application to a court of law within the Commonwealth of Australia by such an authority..