#Homesites is 100% free!
... and a lucrative source of revenue for marketplace managers

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#Homesites uses the magic of digital technology to take the village “artisan-crafts" market concept and turn it into a wall-to-wall, 21st Century community showplace, all the while preserving the core social values and unique "pop-up" event and peer-to-peer status  of local markets that we have all come to know and love.

In short, #Homesites value-adds the personal ”over the counter” market experience by harnessing the incredible power of digital marketing and 24/7/365 “we never close” ecommerce for (even) the smallest business operators.

If you think this might be your future,
please speak with Geoffrey on

0468843923 ASAP

so that we might have a sit down meeting to discuss the nuts and bolts of the project.

#Homesites management is eager to speak with market's managers who understand the changes that digital technology and the internet of everything has wrought on society and why the end is nigh for the existent market concept and many, many of the local small business operators.

There is no buy-in or entry fee for market management.  #Homesites will manage the entire digital advertising and marketing program jointly with the market managers, including, but not limited to, a free digital flip-book of events and free professionally built website for each "stall holder". The only on-going expenses for market management will be contributions to specifically targeted local e-marketing campaigns, which are very affordable.

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