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A brief commentary as to why you are a hero.
Is it because of what you do everyday or is it that you have special talent and skills,
is it because you have gone where others fear to tread,
have you gone beyond the call of duty in whatever your vocation,
are you a person who gives of yourself and time to help others
less advantaged than yourself,
are your a social benefactor?
In short, who are you

Mark learned stagecraft and the art of entertainment at an early age and has been performing professionally since 16 supporting some of Australia’s biggest acts: the Divinyls, Aussie Crawl, Goanna to name but a few.   

Mark has performed across Australia and overseas in duos, bands and as a solo act; moving audiences with his songs and delivering a mixture of blues soul, folk, pop/prock. Mark plays acoustic /electric guitar, harmonica and stomp delivered with an awesome live sound and a connection to the audience which is rare.

Being a sound engineer has major benefits and shapes the way I perform. It is not just the vocals, it’s about delivering awesome sound … how the music sounds and feels directly relates to the experience of the audience at a live performance and, that is of paramount importance to me, something so many acts have little regard for … but, it is the signature of a true professional. 

"The song is at the centre of the whole music industry ... To deliver it with pure energy and faithful conviction is the at the heart of my live performances." 

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Heroes of Australia is about Australians. The above is but one example of how your narrative will feature on Heroes of Australia Wall of Fame

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Mark's long awaited album


Mark's long awaited album | STAR MAP | is now available to purchase online. Choose only online access to the members area to listen and download the album or complete your compact disc collection with star map cd delivered to your door as a bundle deal.


At the centre of the music biz is the song

 ... creating songs that have a magic that relates to itself is the challenge and the inspiration to create!

Please feel free to download some of marks originals, a mixture of co-written and solo works A few of these tracks are a preview from mark's upcoming album ...


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Live Studio version of John Lee Hookers classic Boom Boom by Singer songwriter Mark Bergin

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