A tribute to the Aussie ethos, a salute to the sacrifices of our courageous forebears

A  tribute to all Australia's unsung heroes

Good on ya mate!

Hero by definition:
“a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, talent or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal.”

Albeit, all Aussies are Australian; regrettably, not all Australians are Aussie.

... but what is an Aussie, what is this "Aussie ethos", what were the sacrifices our forebears made to give us a safe, secure Australia! 

Your story - professionally presented, FREE forever!

We are just strangers in a crowd, but each of us has a story to tell, some more so than others. Australian's are respected for their humble demeanour, community spirit and generousity with their time. Let's face it, where would we be without the spirit of the Anzacs, our life savers, the fire fighters and emergency services, where would many an old timer be without Meals on Wheels, the Carers and selfless individuals who devote their time and energy as custodians of our heritage and environment, the nameless benefactors who so freely give time and money to help fellow Aussies in need - and nary a one who says they serve but one, their God; be him by whatever name.

Do we want the Australia Story written by the true benefactors of our wonderful land, the people who have given us a lifestyle the envy of the world or the people who want change and the imposition of alternative creeds and culture.  It was AUSSIE MUM'S in floral dresses and DADS in white shirts with rolled-up sleaves who made Australia what it is, not men and women in black.

The Heroes of Australia Wall of Fame is where your life's story belongs as a personal narrative,, not posthumously; but now! The story of your life and your achievements in your own words, photos and videos professionally built just for you to preserve your deeds so that your children and their children can proudly show off their mum and dad to friends.

Special People should have SPECIAL recognition

 Artists, Actors, Authors, Writers & Models, Bards, Comics, Entertainers, Musicians, Creative Crafters, Celebrity Chefs, 

Teachers, Coaches, Mentors & Speakers

Innovators, Inventors, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Empire Builders, New Business Ideas & Pioneers; Old Story, New Plot Ventures, Business Leaders and Sports Stars, 

Tradies with class


The Convicts, the Visionaries, Trailblazers, Pathfinders, Pioneers, Settlers, Farmers, Graziers, Timber Getters and Drovers, 

The Service Personnel, Veterans Past & Present, who have paid the ultimate price so that we might have a country that is safer and offers a better lifestyle than that from which so many who have since settled could enjoy. 

Life Savers, Police, Fire Fighters, Emergency Services, Paramedics, Coast Guard, 

Doctors and Nurses, Scientists and Researchers, Standout and Innovative Professional Service Providers, 

Public Figures, Business Leaders, Social Champions, Significiant Community Contributors, The Selfless, Magnanimous & Charitable, Philantropists, benefactors and Patrons.

Academics, Researchers, Intellectuals. The Eminent, Awarded & Famous Locals, 


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That's right, a 2nd teir, Google searchable- OPEN ALL HOURS  24/7/365 digital showcase for the most deserving and needy in our society. 

For the price of a cup of coffee once a week, Heroes of Australia will create a professional showcase for the world to visit.

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Heroes of Australia is all about protecting and preserving the Aussie ethos, the core values, the culture and traditions of both the orginal Australians and later migrations; all under one flag, one law, as one people living in harmony.

Heroes of Australia is about recognising the sacrifices made by those selfless individuals who have made and continue to make significant contributions to the AUSTRALIAN community at large.

Bronzed  Aussies  perpetuating the  
Spirit and Ethos of Australia.

Be it Dad, mum or a workmate, DOB in a Hero

Tell your story so that others know why we proudly say of our children,
"Made in Australia. Mate!"

Eulogize your legacy for your children's children


doing "extra" ordinary things and inspiring other Aussies to do likewise! 



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Gather together your photos.  Sort them into categories how you would like them prioritized. Most important #10 and least important #1. We will put them in placeholders for your approval.



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Australia is at a cultural crossroad. We need to define what it means to be an Aussie: Our ethos, our values, our community spirit, the mateship, the ANZAC tradition, the give it a go mum & pop businesses, working the land ... the very essence of what makes us proud and Australia such a great place. Heroes of Australia is a legacy project to preserve the memories of Australians, both the past and present, who gave their all in blood, sweat and tears so that we might have what we have today and to ensure the health, wealth and happiness of our children's children.

Heroes of Australia is the Australian Wall of Fame for everyday heroes, the people who are Australia's heart and soul, past and present. This is about the brave, real pathfinders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, artists, trailblazers and community heroes - Australians with the stuff that legends are made of ... step forward and take credit where credit is due.

Almost every Aussie has accomplished something or is doing something that deserves recognition: Perhaps you are that someone with unique skills or special attributes, someone who has courage in the face of adversity, a person who has performed great or heroic deeds or maybe you are just an ordinary Aussie who is putting in the extra effort. to help fellow Aussies.

In short, every Aussie is an Australian, but not all Australians are Aussies. Heroes of Australia is a legacy project which gives every Aussie a platform on which they can preserve their deeds, and those of their forebears, for posterity.

It is a forum on which they can promote their talents and stand tall and be proud of their achievements so that the world knows what it means to be a "fair dinkum", "true blue" Aussie and the value of Aussie "Mateship".

Starting November 30,  with the magnificent support of the Tweed Daily News, Heroes of Australia will be conducting a campaign in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales and South East Queensland to find our local heroes. 

Come on, don't be bashful, surely you know someone who deserves to recognised for their contribution to your local community.  This is our opportunity as Aussies to stake our claim to that which our predecessors gave their blood, sweat and tears for so that you might enjoy the lifestle we have inheritied for children's children.