QUESTIONWhy does small business want #Homesites.


#Homesites is about championing the cause of those whose efforts are synonymous with the free enterprise landscape in Australia, the 9% of Australia's population who are self-employed, the 2.5% trades qualified; in short, the small to medium family business operations that employ over 80% of the private sector workforce.


  • SKIP THE KID’S STUFF    It's not about “Likes” and advanced algebraic algorithms or directories
  • YOU CHOOSE            It's about choice, keep it local or give it away to absentee owners
  • REALITY CHECK         It's about real people, doing real things with other real LOCAL people
  • O.T.C.        It's about OVER THE COUNTER, up front and personal shopping and having fun
  • PROTECTION          It's about small family businesses that have INVESTMENT to protect
  • TRUST       It is all about RESPECT trust and security with people we know and share common values.
  • THE FUTURE     … and it's because YOU want some control over YOUR children's childrens destiny.

Locally, #Homesites will focus on the less frequently targeted self-employed:

  • Trades and skills qualified and home business operators,
  • Professionals, para-professionals and service providers,
  • Retail outlets, home businesses, small F&B providers, and …

In Australia today we need sustainable, made to measure solutions to ensure the health and well-being of small business so that they can continue to offer secure employment opportunities to future generations; that is what #Homesites stands for. 

Advertising and marketing has become a complex matrix of alien, new-name alternatives. We have replaced shopper's actual experiences with surreptitious data harvesting loyalty programs, key stroke analytics, algorithms and mystery shoppers. Great if you are Woolworths, Telstra or BMW, but what about the mum and pop business, the professional service providers, the local motor mechanic, IGA and coffee shop?

    5 reasons #Homesites is your No.1 choice

  • INEXPENSIVE There is no other media where you can produce full colour responsive information so inexpensively.
  • CREDIBILITY A web presence re-enforces the credibility of the individual and
    entity it represents, it gives the impression of substance, a quality impossible to achieve with newspapers.
  • INTEGRITY The internet conveys an air of assurance and legitimacy. New visitors need to be reassured and have confidence in the promoter before opening dialogue recommendations and testimonials from neighbour and locals goes a long way to achieving mutual trust.
  • RESPONSIVE The internet: If you need to react to changing circumstances, it can be done in minutes, not next month or next year. No other media can be changed to reflect a current situation or circumstance so quickly.
  • EASIEST Easy to find and more information than any Yellow Pages, LocalDirectory or newspaper advertisement and 100% cheaper ...



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