What do we need from you to custom build your unique #Homesite

To get your one-page #Homesite wonder on line we need five things from you:


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1.   PHOTOS         You must supply the photos you want used in your #Homesite, including preference on how you want them placed, that is the order in which they will appear, by referencing an example which you will find HERE


Unfortunately, #Homesites Network cannot rework any photos submitted, so you need to ensure they are suitable for the internet and your one-page wonder #Homesite. Conversely, so that everyone gets an opportunity to showcase themselves and their enterprises, if you do not have access to a digitally competent person #Homesites can, for a small fee, do the work for you.

Photos to be used as full-width should be > more than 1600 pixels wide, but less than 2000px wide, JPG format and (preferably) no more than 200Kb in size, which will most likely mean a resolution of about 40psi. Hence, high resolution photos will produce best results.

Should reworking be required: a fee of $8.00 (rework (resizing, cropping, resolution, sharpening) per photo to a maximum of $32.00 per photo will be charged. 

All submitted material will be vetted prior to publication.  Please ensure you provide a contact number for consultation, if required.

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2.      VIDEOS               If you decide to use a video please ensure that you own the copyright.  If you make it yourself please post your video to Youtube.com and supply #Homesites with the short URL.  This can be obtained by right clicking on the video on Youtube and selecting "Copy Video URL" or copying the URL from the dialogue box in the search engine, see illustration.


3.    GRAPHICS      The graphics are 100% your responsibility. Discuss what you want with your graphic artist. You will be solely responsible for the legal ownership of materials that you use, so please ensure that there is no inadvertent infringement of a copyright owner’s intellectual property rights.

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4.    COPY                    Check out an example and provide #Homesites with all the body text you want to see published, including headers and hyperlinks (links to other websites) to your existent website, links to page anchors, third party sites; e.g., Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram etc accounts, Youtube videos etc.

All text copy must be original and supplied in txt, doc, docx, html, rtf or ODF formats. Plagiarization and ownership claims will be the sole responsibility of the person supplying the information.  PDF format is best for link purposes, eg., menus, price lists etc.


5.    PATIENCE         As the original one page wonder is free we expect heavy demand, which at times will be beyond our resources to manage. There will be some errors and minor changes will be required; telephone, email, spelling and grammar fixes etc, this we understand. These will be managed for free, no charge; however, if the client changes their mind and requires a rebuild after publication the price will be subject to negotiation; but , in any event, no more than $99.




5 reasons #Homesites is your No.1 choice

    INEXPENSIVE There is no other media where you can produce full color
    responsive information so inexpensively.

    CREDIBILITY A web presence re-enforces the credibility of the individual and
    entity it represents, it gives the impression of substance, a quality impossible to achieve with newspapers.

    INTEGRITY The internet conveys an air of assurance and legitimacy. New visitors need to be reassured and have confidence in the promoter before opening dialogue “ recommendations and testimonials from neighbour and locals goes a long way to achieving mutual trust.

    RESPONSIVE The internet: If you need to react to changing circumstances, it can be done in minutes, not next month or next year. No other media can be changed to reflect a current situation or circumstance so quickly.

    EASIEST Easy to find and more information than any Yellow Pages, LocalDirectory or newspaper advertisement and 100% cheaper ...


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