QUESTIONWhy do tradies rush to join #Homesites?


Trades trained and skilled people are the backbone of small business in all local communities.  Unlike commercial interests and professional providers, who historically have been more migratory, trades people are often home grown and embedded in their local community for the whole of their natural life.

Most local businesses, especially trades people, have to adjust their income and lifestyle to match the socio-economic status of the community and, thus, work within the constraints of tight advertising and promotion budgets and a limited service/catchment area. As a result, they need very local, very focused and very targeted promotion that is not only affordable but produces tangible, bankable results.

By giving sound, sensible, free advice through “Ask a Tradie” or “Ask a Computer Technician” the trades and skilled qualified will not only benefit from excellent public relations but create the perception of benevolence and thus enhance their pubic persona and the loyalty of the locals.


    • INEXPENSIVE There is no other media where you can produce full colour responsive information so inexpensively.
    • CREDIBILITY A web presence re-enforces the credibility of the individual and
      entity it represents, it gives the impression of substance, a quality impossible to achieve with newspapers.
    • INTEGRITY The internet conveys an air of assurance and legitimacy. New visitors need to be reassured and have confidence in the promoter before opening dialogue recommendations and testimonials from neighbour and locals goes a long way to achieving mutual trust.
    • RESPONSIVE The internet: If you need to react to changing circumstances, it can be done in minutes, not next month or next year. No other media can be changed to reflect a current situation or circumstance so quickly.
    • EASIEST Easy to find and more information than any Yellow Pages, LocalDirectory or newspaper advertisement and 100% cheaper ...
     & IT'S FREE



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