QUESTION:  Why should you bother with the internet?


A short time ago I stopped for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants and picked up a copy of the local business directory. Surprisingly, very few businesses had free standing websites, even major local entities sought solace in data miners like Facebook and Google+.

It raised the question: “Does a local small business really need a web site?" After all, it is not as if they are going to do business in Germany or The Congo, they just want to capture the local market. So why bother with an expensive website.

Well, there are a number of reasons why every small business operator needs an “online” presence, but not necessarily does it need to be a major capital expense.  Smart Phones and tablets with mega-size data plans and (virtually) unrestricted access to the internet from anywhere has turned a web presence from being an option into one the most important and potent advertising and marketing tools you can use to present yourself and wares to the local community.

Do not leave your children’s childrens futures and fortunes in the hands of unaccountable individuals in faraway lands, do not rely on foreigners, irrespective of creed, to think of your welfare or consider you investments - take personal control and be the master of your own destiny.

The digital revolution has mushroomed and for most of us it has overwhelmed our ability to keep pace with new technologies.  We have become conditioned to believe that the internet is the exclusive realm of teen app. inventors, high profile national entities, multi-national advertisers with giant size budgets and the gateway through which all future advertising will pass.

Be you the local plumber, fish and chip shop or bookkeeping service, #Homesites is for you. Whether its 1,000 or 50,000 people in your community, you don't need to put your business in cyberspace with millions of hits per day, you just want the locals to be able to quickly and easily find you and learn about what you have to offer; how, where and when you are available..

… thus, from this chance lunch time encounter with a throw away directory grew the idea of #Homesites, an easy to find, easy to navigate home to showcase everything in the local community, owner operated and managed by a local for the benefit of fellow locals.  After all who knows the locals better than the locals know the locals? 

Let's look at some reasons #Homesites will work for you ...


  • INEXPENSIVE There is no other media where you can produce full colour responsive information so inexpensively.
  • CREDIBILITY A web presence re-enforces the credibility of the individual and
    entity it represents, it gives the impression of substance, a quality impossible to achieve with newspapers.
  • INTEGRITY The internet conveys an air of assurance and legitimacy. New visitors need to be reassured and have confidence in the promoter before opening dialogue recommendations and testimonials from neighbour and locals goes a long way to achieving mutual trust.
  • RESPONSIVE The internet: If you need to react to changing circumstances, it can be done in minutes, not next month or next year. No other media can be changed to reflect a current situation or circumstance so quickly.
  • EASIEST Easy to find and more information than any Yellow Pages, LocalDirectory or newspaper advertisement and 100% cheaper ...


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